Al-Medinah Mosque – Brighton

The Central Mosque of Brighton, Sussex

Mosque Visits

We at Al-Medinah Mosque would be delighted to show you around our place of worship. It is the sharing of what we hold very dear to our heart that gives us the pleasure of doing more for our community.

Our Mosque visits are a lovely way for you or your school children to experience the routine of millions Muslims around the world. Our tour will give you an overview of the acts of worship undertaken at the Mosque, from ablution to prayer, as well as introductions on other aspects of faith, like the Holy Quran, Hajj (the lifetime pilgrimage) and Zakah (charity).

Please note that our visits are by appointment only, and are free of charge. You can book a viewing by contacting the mosque or by filling in the form on this page.

When visiting the mosque, it is hoped that the visitors – our guests – observe certain basic rules of conduct.

Whether you are visiting alone, or as part of a group, it is important to follow certain guidelines for clothing and behaviour so as not to cause offence. Below you will find a document containing guidelines and etiquette for when you visit a mosque.

Guidelines when visiting the Mosque