Al-Medinah Mosque – Brighton

The Central Mosque of Brighton, Sussex


Curious about Islam? Ready to take your testimony of faith? Worried about what the procedure entails?

At Al Medinah Mosque we guide you slowly through the procedure, providing support and advice throughout the entire process.

If a person is curious about Islam or just wishes to learn more before embracing Islam, they can speak to a member of our dedicated team.

Once a person is ready to convert (revert) they will be expected to take the testimony of faith. This will take place in the following manner:

  • The Imam will provide a brief explanation of the tenets of the Islamic faith. Any questions will also be answered.
  • The testimony of faith in Arabic. The Imam will recite the testimony in Arabic, slowly and clearly and the person accepting Islam will repeat after him
  • Thereafter the testimony will be said in English, which will also be repeated

Upon the completion of this ceremony a stamped certificate will be provided by the Mosque.

A service providing education to New-Muslims is also available upon request. Free literature is also available upon request.

Please contact us to book an appointment