Al-Medinah Mosque – Brighton

The Central Mosque of Brighton, Sussex

Ramadan Preparation Course

Assalaamu alaykum

Alhamdulillah we are happy to announce that we will be running our “Ramadan Preparation” course over the next two weeks.
Part 1 will run on Tuesday 14th April 2020 and will focus on “how to make the most of your Ramadan”
Part 2 will run on Tuesday 20th April 2020 and will focus on the “Fiqh of Fasting and other rulings related to Ramadan”
(There may be a third session which will run for Q and A which will be announced during or after session 2)
Classes will run on Zoom and can be accessed:

Alternatively, Meeting ID is 954-9761-9196

This course is open to all. We request that you circulate this message to your contacts and try to participate yourselves.
Please also make dua for the Masjid, the Imams, the trustees of the Mosque, the community of Brighton and the entire Muslim Ummah.

Jazakallah khairan

Imam Uthman